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Mellow talks is an exciting new series of alternative healthcare and wellness chats with experts, athletes, brand owners and celebrities that understand the potential of new types of wellness. If you want to know more about natural health remedies, you are in the right place. 

Our upcoming talk is The Future of Skincare. Where you will get industry insights, skincare tips, tricks and the lowdown on the latest trends. You will learn why you should be paying attention to hot topics like skinimalism and greenwashing. You also have the chance to win a HUGE luxury skincare hamper worth over £700 just for getting your free ticket.



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mellow was born out of the want to give people a one stop shop for quality hemp products. A single online destination they could trust. But for us, that wasn’t enough. When it comes to giving our customers the best experience, product is only part of it. Our platform has to be world class. Easy to use for every single visitor. That’s why we are continually optimising of our online experience.

To watch the stream you just need to book a free virtual ticket. Your ticket email confirmation will contain a link to the stream which will become active at the event start time. 

Hemp is legal in the UK, provided it has a T.H.C. content that is less than 0.2% and the T.H.C. cannot be easily separated from the rest of the product. All our methods of alternative healthcare have been approved by EU standards.

The 0.2% T.H.C. figure refers to industrial hemp grown in the EU, which must meet that requirement. This means that for anyone growing or purchasing hemp products in the EU, including the UK, the THC level must be less than 0.2%. 

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